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4 IN FOCUS t ISSUE 2021-2022 WE HAVE LIFT OFF, continued
Key stakeholders supporting and aligning with CIS will include most every basic and clinical department, alongwithnumeroushighlysuccessfulexistingcen- ters, institutes and programs, including those focused on Immunology, Cancer, Aging, Heart, Muscle and many others.
In other big news, IBP’s faculty continue to make impact. Of note, we had a record number of success- ful promotions this year. Hats off to: Dr. Alessandro Bartolomucci, promoted to Professor, Dr. Hai-Bin Ruan promoted to Associate Professor, with tenure, and on the academic track, Dr. Mark Cook promoted to Associate Professor, and Dr. Anthony Weinhaus promoted to Associate Professor (see highlights enclosed). Also, welcome aboard Dr. Caroline Rowe, Assistant Professor, joining the anatomy faculty! (See enclosed).
gave an excellent lecture on his basic and clinical studies lar dystrophy. The IBP graduate students are already har organizing next year’s lectureship to be held in the fall of
As we launch into the New Year, 2015 promises great ne
for IBP. One goal this year is to enhance IBP outreach a
 munication. We are committed to reach out to all past IB
Hats Off to Thee, part II!: Dr. Emilyn Alejandro –
alums, faculty and friends. Inside this brochure, please fi
APS Bowditch Lecture honoree, Dr. Xavier Revelo,
IBP alumni database form. Please take a moment to fill t
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Barnet John Tate Awardee (see highlights enclosed). optimize career path options for our graduate students.
Congrats all!
Clearly, exciting times are ahead for IBP and across
I look forward to working with you in the coming year.
the medical school as these new initiates and faculty achievements take root and flourish.
  Joseph M. Metzger
Joseph M. Metzger Ph.D.
Maurice B. Visscher Endowed Land-Grant Chair in Physiology
Professor and Head of the Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology
University of Minnesota

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