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The Eye Bank Association of America Annual Meeting was June 1- 4 in Baltimore, Maryland. Eye bankers representing Lions Gift of Sight this year were: Patrick Becker (laboratory operations); Peter Bedard, Dr. Joshua Hou, Sung Lee, and Dr. Ching Yuan (research); Amber Benbow (quality); Nancy McGee (tissue recovery); Sean Poppoff (administration); Jolie Schmidt (donor coordination); and Patty Stockdale (partner relations). Each of these staff members added value to the meeting while soaking up knowledge and networking 24/7. Here are some highlights:
• Patty Stockdale presented “Conflict Resolution in Relationship Man- agement” in a session on Managing and Resolving Conflict with Indi- viduals and Organizational Partners.
• Joshua Hou, M.D., moderated the Medical Director Symposium. He is also vice chair for the Scientific Sym- posium Committee and helped moderate the sessions.
• Peter Bedard, M.S., presented “Accuracy of automat- ed software for assessing endothelial cell loss on Try- pan-stained, peeled DMEK” at the Scientific Sympo- sium.
• Ching Yuan, Ph.D., presented “In vitro comparison of SARS-CoV-2 Cell-entry
inhibitors in donor cornea
cells” at the Scientific Sym-
• Sung Lee presented “Low-friction coating of modified Jones tubes significantly improves
the post-ejection cell viability of DMEK grafts” at the Scientific Symposium. Congrat- ulations to Sung who took home best paper honors!
  World Cornea Congress
World Cornea Congress VIII, held Septem- ber 28-29 in Chicago, brought together cor- nea, refractive, and cataract specialists and offered symposia, courses, labs, papers, posters, panel presentations, and Q&A with leading ophthalmologists from around the world.
A spotlight Session on COVID-19 included the presentation, “Ocular Manifestations of COVID-19” by LGS Medical Director, Josh- ua Hou, M.D.
Cornea and Eye Banking Forum
A partnership between the Cornea Society and the Eye Bank Association of America, the Cornea and Eye Baking Forum took place immediate- ly following the World Cornea Congress. Joshua Hou, M.D. was the program chair.
At the forum, David Hardten, M.D., presented
the case series “DMEK with Young Donor Tis- sue Using Paired Radial Incisions.” Co-authors on
this study are Joshua Hou, M.D., Peter Bedard, and Natalie Buckman (all from Lions Gift of Sight) and Mark Hansen, M.D.
   Pictured on this page
Top: Dr. Joshua Hou, Scientific Programs Committee Chair, moderates the Cornea and Eye Banking Forum.
Middle: LGS staff members at EBAA Annual Meeting: Dr. Joshua Hou, Jolie Schmidt, Peter Bedard, Nancy McGee, Sung Lee, Patrick Becker, Patty Stockdale, Dr. Ching Yuan, Amber Benbow, and Sean Poppoff.
Bottom: Sung Lee wins best paper honors.
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