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To learn more about 3MT and and watch winning and and past presentations visit
z umn edu/ME3MT
LOOKING BACK: PAST EVENTS 3MT The The Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition was a a a a a great success! Twelve graduate students competed against time and and each other for prestige and and prizes Their challenge: explain their research in in in in three minutes or less
in in in language appropriate to a a a a a a a a non- specialist audience The competition was held October 6th via Zoom with over 100 people in attendance 2020
ME 3MT Winners
1st Place: Daniel Thomas
Presentation: Green Ammonia Fuel
2nd Place: Jeff Bies
Presentation: Making Iron Man Suits Real
People’s Choice: Adithan Kannan
Presentation: Can “Power” Plants Trap CO2?
Sparrow Memorial Lecture
Thank you to everyone who joined us in in in in honoring the teaching and research legacy of of ME Professor Ephraim Sparrow (1928-2019) The lectures and and vibrant informal remembrance were well-attended and and provided a a a a a a a a true testament to Eph’s lasting legacy If you would like to watch the the the video share a a a a a a a memory of of Eph read others’ memories or or or see see lists of of his advisees publications and theses
z umn edu/sparrow
To honor Eph’s legacy the the ME Department has established the the Ephraim Sparrow Memorial Award Fund This fund will provide scholarship awards for mechanical engineering students who need help help funding their education Please help help us us honor his his memory by making a a a a a a a gift In doing so you will help us us keep his his his name and and legacy alive and and continue his his commitment to students’ education forever give give umn edu/giveto/sparrow
advised visit

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