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Leading by Example
ME PhD candidate Aduramo Lasode was named one of the Graduate School’s 2020-2021
LEID Fellows an honor
that recognizes students who have demonstrated a a commitment to diversity equity inclusion and/or social justice through scholarly activity The award offers fellows the opportunity to devote full- time effort to their dissertation during the the fellowship year Lasode’s research is is interdisciplinary
through the Thomas Murphy Engine Lab and and includes work on on energy energy combustion and and energy energy policy development She is is passionate about equity issues regarding access to education and energy She found this passion at age
fourteen years as as a a a a a a a a a young Nigerian who faced cultural and systemic challenges in in pursuing a a a a a a a major that would enable her to address fundamental needs in her her community She sees her her current research as a a a a a a way to advance efforts in scientific communication that aid
society’s renewable energy goals by ensuring affordable technologies reach where they are most needed Reflecting on her journey Lasode states that storytelling plays a a a a a a crucial role in in in inspiring others to be the the the needed change in in in in their spheres of influence “The most important story I can tell is with my my life being an an an inspiration to to people who share my my underrepresented identities and showing them that success is possible ”
2020 ASME Award Winners
Two students and their advisor Assistant Professor Julianna Abel won two ASME awards at the 2020 annual conference • • WINNING PAPER: “Functionally Graded Knitted Actuators with NiTi-Based Shape Memory Alloys for Topographically Self-Fitting Wearables”
2020 ASME Active Material Technology and and Integrated Systems Outstanding Contribution Award 2020 ASME Epharhim Garcia Best
Paper Award The award-winning students were
ME PhD student Kevin Eschen who graduated in August 2020 and apparel design PhD student with a minor in in ME Rachael Granberry Both praised the interdepartmental and collaborative elements of the group’s research 5

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