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Human Health
A Message from ME’s Director of Undergraduate Studies
I took on the the role of of DUGS in July 2020 at the the start of of this academic year well after the the the start of the the the pandemic The DUGS is responsible for the the the oversight of the undergraduate program and when I started we we were gearing up for a a a fall semester like no other In an an an ordinary year our our students enjoy ready access to our our faculty and many opportunities for hands-on lab and and research experiences as as well as as co-ops and and internship opportunities Through classes teams and and study groups our our students build relationships with with each other and with with our our faculty that can last them a a a a a lifetime So much of this is is curtailed in in the the remote learning environment I think that the greatest challenge for our undergraduates right now is is this loss of social connection that the pandemic has thrust upon us us In late fall of 2020 I I helped launch a a a a a a new ME Undergraduate Student Council (an all-student lead group) The council has taken survey data from an an undergraduate experience survey gathered the the semester before and is evaluating ways to help ME improve the undergraduate experience I am proud of the the council’s work so far helping the the department better understand the the the needs of our undergraduates and with the the the council giving them a a a a a a seat at at at the table Despite the the challenges there are silver linings everywhere ME’s undergraduate program will be be be a a a a a a better one because of the pandemic Both faculty and students have learned how to to use online tools which can enhance the the learning experience For example in in the the future I will make sure that all my my lectures are recorded to to ensure my my students can go back to to review or or catch up on anything they missed I I wish I I had had had had that opportunity when I was in school!
Director of Undergraduate Studies

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