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ME 5221: Computer-Assisted Product Realization
Taught by Daniel Escobar
ME 5221 uses computers to simulate manufacturing, with a focus on injection molding and the production of tooling and parts. This is a lab- and project-oriented class that completes a full re- engineering cycle using computer tools. To complete the project, students take the following steps:
1. Take a commercial product and model it with CAD.
2. Experimentally test the product.
3. Evaluate the mechanical performance using FEA.
4. Create measures of performance.
5. Design a set of better products using CAD.
6. Compare the new products to the commercial product using
7. Scale down the best new design.
8. Design the optimal injection molding process using
MoldFlow for the scaled down part.
9. Design the mold for the scaled down part using CAM.
10. Produce the scaled down part, using injection molding (or
3D printing in some cases).
11. Experimentally test the
scaled down part.
12. Compare and discuss the
results obtained.
Each lab is focused on teaching students the computer tools needed to achieve the goals set for the project. This includes CAD, FEA, MoldFlow, and CAM.
In ME 5221, students get a hands-on introduction to the integration of computing tools in manufacturing.
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