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Emergency Medicine Residency 2022 Annual Report | 13
 We only spend a few hours with our patients (or more recently, thanks to boarding). But when they leave the ER, they’re often facing days or weeks in the hospital away from their families, friends, pets, hobbies, the comforts of home... all the things that make them a real person. For some patients, the ER is the starting line of what could be a really long, arduous journey. For others, it’s another setback in a journey that they’d much rather not be on.
Because I was a medical student at the time, I had a close relationship with my surgeons, and I remember the impact it had when they took the time to sit down and talk with me. It’s hard as an ER Doc, but I have found myself recognizing that sometimes, one of the most effective things I can do as a doctor is just sit down and listen to someone vent for a few minutes.
We started 2022 with a continuation of the ACGME Emergency Categorization due to the COVID surge that began at the end of 2021. Our trainees helped cover several shifts in the MICU during challenging times.
As things improved in the spring, the Class of 2023 attended the CORD Academic Assembly in San Diego in March, and the Class of 2024 attended SAEM in New Orleans in May. The Class of 2025 will be attending SAEM in Austin, TX – let us know if you plan to attend!
Kristin Robb
Program Manager
Amy Koonce
Program Coordinator
    We offered Alumni Day in-person and virtually, which included a tribute to Adetolu “Tolu” Olufunmilayo Odufuye (’13). Featured speakers included Wade Barnhart (’03), Sean Boley (’15), Ryan Bourdon (’14), Autumn Brogan (’11),
Katie Brooks (’11), Kelsey Echols (’14), Andrew Hasebroock (’21), Dan Hogan (’22), Cynthia Kelmenson (’03),
Sonali Meyer (’13), and Callie Schnitker (’18). It was great to see so many alumni back in the auditorium!
Recent graduates Karl LaFleur (’21), Broc Schindler (’21), Mark Stice (’22), and Alexandria Taylor (’22) joined as faculty in our community-based valley hospitals. We also welcomed Graci Gorman (’22) and Jacy O’Keefe (’22) as Medical Education Fellows.
We have interviewed many outstanding candidates and look forward to great match for the Class of 2026!
Peter Baggenstos, MD
JEN MOBERG, MPA, BSN, RN, CPPS, NE-BC Director of Nursing, Emergency Department
     As we look back on 2022, I am continually humbled by the teamwork and courage displayed by the staff. Over the last year our team experienced a
33% turnover, we are grateful to be ending the year with a full complement after onboarding 130 staff. The staffing shortages locally and nationally challenged every organization, Region’s culture of teamwork, clinical excellence, and compassion play a significant role in the stabilization of our workforce.
With long waits and high demands for care the provider team, residents, and ED staff created new spaces to care for patients – hallways, chairs, lobbies.
We continue to rise to the occasion as only emergency departments know how, fueled mostly by chocolate, humor, and caffeine. We are incredibly proud of the care provided to our community while remaining mission minded.
Despite the challenges of 2022 we have established new relationships with our community demonstrating our values through action with key priorities being triage education and redesign, de-escalation and safety huddles to support a coordinated plan of care for those in crisis, active work to support a culture where all feel welcome, valued, and included.
Thank you for your partnerships!

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