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 David Perez-Molinar, MD
Medical School: University of Minnesota
Undergraduate Degree: University of Minnesota; BA – Physiology
Hometown: Acapulco, Mexico; Eden Prairie, MN
Interests & Hobbies: Cooking, tennis, soccer, video games, traveling, and a solid outing with good friends.
Tou Thao, MD
Medical School: University of Minnesota
Undergraduate Degree: St. Olaf College; BA – Chemistry
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Interests & Hobbies: I love spending time with friends and family, grabbing a beer, watch- ing/playing sports (basketball,
football, golf) and getting to the gym. On the side, I’m a fan of Marvel movies and enjoy my video games!
Mark Rockwell, MD
Medical School: University of Washington
Undergraduate Degree: Montana State University; BS – Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Hometown: Boise, ID
Interests & Hobbies: I love checking out new rivers and lakes in my kayak, trail running, riding mountain bikes,
surfing, skiing, and playing pickup hockey and soccer. When I’m feeling less ambitious, I like watching Seattle and Minnesota sports, drinking basic beer at craft breweries, and cooking/baking.
Class of 2025
     PA Fellowship Class of 2023
Nick Maleska, MD
 Medical School: University of
Danielle Fearing, PA-C
Tommie James, PA-C
MPAS Location: Augsburg University
Undergraduate Degree: Bowling Green State University, Bowling, OH;
BS – Biology & Chemistry
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Interests & Hobbies: Traveling, movies, food, and being active.
  Minnesota Medical School MPAS Location: Midwestern
Undergraduate Degree: Cell and University, Glendale, AZ
Molecular Biology BS, Hispanic Undergraduate Degree: University Studies BA
of Minnesota; BS – Kinesiology &
Hometown: Saint Joseph, MN Biology
Interests & Hobbies: Open water Hometown: Williston, ND
fishing, ice fishing, camping, hiking, Interests & Hobbies: Exercise/ hunting, boating, jet skiing, playing running, walking my dogs, podcasts cards, watching movies, golfing,
and audiobooks, traveling and exploring new places.
craft beer tours, playing sports, watching sports, traveling, and
 spending time with my wife, family, friends, and dog.
Elissa Louks, PA-C
 MPAS Location: St. Catherine University
Undergraduate Degree: Carlton College; BS – Psychology & Neuroscience
Hometown: Prescott, WI
Interests & Hobbies: Reading, running, hiking, and watching movies.
PA Fellowship Class of 2023

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