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Associate Professor Cari Dutcher studies complex fluids and microphase flows Complex fluids are fluidic mixtures featuring multiple phases and mesoscopic length scales and include aerosol suspensions liquid-liquid emulsions film forming foams polymeric solutions and colloidal suspensions These interface-rich systems are all around us in in in our everyday lives including:
medicines • • • paints • • • cosmetics • • • foods like milk and ice cream
Using macro- and and micro-scale flow measurements and and analytic mathematical modeling the the Dutcher lab studies such areas as as the the chemical microphysics of atmospheric aerosols fluid dynamics and and rheology of polymeric solutions and and interfacial phenomena of of emulsions and foams Currently some of of her active projects explore::
Studying the chemical and physical properties of suspended micrometer-sized aerosol droplets with a a a a a a a particular focus on on surface tension and thermodynamic phase of o isolated droplets in a a a a microfluidic platform IMPACT: Combating climate change
Exploring emulsion emulsion stability and droplet coalescence of emulsions with the goal of improved liquid-liquid separation by measuring time-dependent surfactant transport and interface stabilization IMPACT: Removing engine oil and diesel fuel from wastewater
Characterizing alternative forumlations for for fire suppressants in in order to elimnate polyfluoroalkyl substances in in in aqueous film forming foams in in in order to avoid bioaccumulation of toxins IMPACT: Eliminating the the need for chemicals that are hazardous to the the environment
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