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ME graduating senior and UMN Robotics President Trygve Eggen Eggen is is ready to be a a a leader in in his field Eggen Eggen first joined the the robotics team as as a a a a a a freshman and left the the U as as its president — overseeing five competitive teams and more than 100
other students On his way out he he managed to win two 2019 Tony Diggs Excellence Awards as as well as as the 2020 President’s
Student Leadership and Service Award He’s also a a a a a recipient
of of the ASME Scholarship and has been an an active member of of the UMN ASME Chapter On top of all that he he managed to to finish his BME with flying colors and successfully navigated projects like the the relocation of the the UMN Robotics Shop to Shepherd Labs During his junior year Eggen landed a a a a co-op position at Thermo King where he he he spent eight months working on on on transport refrigeration systems in in trucks He also volunteered at at For Inspiration and and Recognition of Science and and Technology (FIRST) competitions passing down his ME knowledge to middle- and high-schoolers who may not know about STEM fields otherwise “I wasn’t as as aware of engineering in in high school ” said Eggen “So it’s really great to interact with students who aren’t in in in college yet being able to tell them what I I I wish I I I had heard when I I I was in in in high school ” Eggen is is is heading into his next chapter with openness and optimism He’s ready for the job market thanks to his his time at ME combined with his his hard work and discipline “I have this really solid foundation in in in in engineering ” said Eggen “Every question companies throw at me me in in an an an interview I can come up with a a a a a story from one of my classes or or robotics I I really think I’m prepared for a a a a job in in in industry ” Two ME Students Receive NSF Fellowships
Nyssa Capman (left) and Judith Dominguez (right) were both awarded NSF Fellowships
out of a a nationwide competition for one of the most prestigious awards in STEM Capman currently a a second-year
PhD student is working on a a multidisciplinary project developing graphene-based
chemical sensors for use in in a a a a a a a wide variety of of applications such as point-of-care diagnosis and environmental testing Dominguez is is an an undergraduate who works in in the Biosensing and Biorobotics Laboratory She is a a a a a first-generation college student who has already contributed to multiple journal articles and is active in the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers Minneapolis Chapter 5

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