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                                                                                      The Director’s Letter
                        Dear Colleagues and Readers,
Welcome to the 2021-2022 Fundamental Facts & Figures, an annual report on Parking & Transportation Services’ (PTS) programs and services. This past year was a busy one for our team. I hope that you find this informative and encourage you to reach out to us with feedback.
The safety and security of our community are important to us. We requested and received an increase to our budget for security patrols. These security patrols are intended to provide a more frequent physical presence in parking facilities.
We also heard your frustration around parking enforcement and have taken steps to address it, including implementing a new parking warning program. We hope that our effort helps to educate our community on parking guidelines.
Our team partnered with Metro Transit to implement a Universal Transit Pass (UTP) for students. All students who pay the Transportation and Safety Fee were assessed a mandatory $45 per semester fee for a UTP that allows rides throughout the region.
With the end of 3G cell service, we reviewed our metered parking needs and upgraded our single-space meters and installed new multi-space meters with payment kiosks.
Our teams completed the installation of all facilities with the new Parking Access Revenue Control System. This system has helped to address a staffing shortage, which we continue to face after campus has returned to a more normal pace post pandemic. Our customers are able to perform many functions in a self-serve model.
PTS continues to explore ways to support micro-mobility, last mile connections and active transportation and how they can integrate with the University’s transportation network.
PTS is organized into five areas: Parking/Maintenance; Administrative Services/Transit; Facilities/ Transportation Systems/Alternative Transportation; Fleet Services; and Finance. Our mission is complex, yet inclusive: facilitating safe and effective integrated transportation systems that provide services for pedestrians, bicycles, transit and vehicles.
We strive to respond effectively and responsibly to the needs of our community and to deliver a positive customer experience. If you have questions on what transportation options might work best for you–whether that is busing, biking, walking, parking, or even a scooter—we are here for you.
We welcome feedback or questions. Feel free to contact us at Sincerely,
Ross Allanson, CAPP, CPP Director
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