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Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) is a self-supporting unit of the University of Minnesota within Auxiliary Services. The department is responsible for the administration, operation and maintenance of reliable and efficient transportation services on the Twin Cities campus including transit, parking, fleet, streets, walkways and way-finding.
PTS supports alternatives to the single occupant vehicle and promotes programs to encourage the University community to walk, bike, carpool or take the bus.
The department handles compliance documentation for all University vehicles or licensed equipment and administers the fuel credit card, and vehicle insurance and safety.
Facilitating safe and effective integrated transportation systems that provide services for pedestrians, bicycles, transit and vehicles.
  Structure/Organizational Chart
Enhancing your way around the University with multi-modal, innovative transportation solutions.
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2021-2022 2021-2022
  Auxiliary Services Interim Associate Vice President Laurie McLaughlin
Parking & Transportation Services Director
Ross Allanson
 Parking & Transportation Services Director
Ross Allanson
       Chief of Staff & Admininstrative Services Assistant Director Lonetta Hanson
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ProPjeacrtksin&gTOrapnesraptoiortnastion Assistant Director BSeandSycChnuallbeenl
Projects F&inTaranncesportation InterAimssAisstasnisttaDnirteDctiroerctor CSlaintdSycChuolelecnk
Interim FleineatnOcpeerations I n t e r i m AMs as ni s at ag ne t r D i r e c t o r MCelinat SHcehlogecskon
InterimITFlMeeatnOagperations GMlenanaDgaevris Melina Helgeson
       Communications Manager Jacqueline Bass
 Transit Manager Joseph Dahip
 Customer Service Manager David McKnight
 PCarokminmg uOnpicearatiotionnss ManaMgaenra(gEevrents) JFaacrqhuiyeolinAehBmaesds
 PTarkainsgitOMpaenratgioenr s ManaJgoesre(pMhaDinatehnipance) Aaron Fjestad
 CustPoamrekirnSgeOrvpiceeraMtioansager MaDnavgiedrM(CcoKntirgahctts) Abdimahad Nour
 PParkoijnegctOMpaenratgioenr s ManaVgearca(Envt ents) Farhiyo Ahmed
 TrPanasrkpionrgtaOtipoenrPatliaonnser ManagEeric(MBainuternance) Aaron Fjestad
 GPIaSr/kPinrogjeOcpt eSruaptipoonrst ManVagaecar n(Ct -onCtSracts) Abdimahad Nour
 Transportation Program Manager Vacant
 FPinroajnecet Managerr
 Yauheniya V(Jacnaen)tHochhalter
 TraFnisnpaonrctaiatlioAnnPalyasntner JoEerlicCBramuebrlit
 FGinISan/PcreojPercotfSesuspipoonratl DeVraeckaSnot r-eCnsSon
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 F F l e i n e a t n S c h e o Mp / a V n e a h g i c e l r e YauheniyaM(aJannaeg)erHochhalter Tony Bittner
 FRineanntaclia&l ALnealsyest JoMelaCnraagmerblit Vacant
 FFinleaentceAdPmroinfesstrsaiotonral DVeicrteokr SBorwemnsaonn
 BusFinlesest /Shyospte/VmeshAicnlealyst SusaMnaSnachgnear sse Tony Bittner
 SRy es nt et aml s& AL ne a a l sy es t JasMonanWaginesrton Vacant
 FleeItTASdumpipnosrtrtator VictoVraBcoawntman
Fleet Finance Professional Joan Mitchell
Auxiliary Services Interim Associate Vice President Laurie McLaughlin
4 x JULY 1, 2021 - JUNE 30, 2022

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