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Emergency Medicine Residency 2022 Annual Report | 17
 Peter Baggenstos, MD
    Can you share with us your educational pathway to your current physician roles as an Emergency Physician and Regions and a Pediatric Hospitalist with M Health Fairview?
I attended medical school at the University of Minnesota. I attended residency at the Indiana University School of Medicine in the dual program Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics. IU is one of four such programs in the nation. It is a combined, five-year residency during which I completed both a Pediatrics and an Emergency Medicine residency. This allowed me to find my dream job(s) of becoming a Pediatric Hospitalist and an Emergency Medicine physician. I currently split my time between Regions as EM faculty and M Health Fairview as a Peds Hospitalist. I have found that my dual training has been very useful in both my positions and would do this type of residency again in a heartbeat.
We are very fortunate to have you as faculty here at Regions! Can you tell us what attracted you to working at Regions and with our group?
I’m from Minnesota. I fell in love with EM during my med school rotation at Regions. Everyone here is so passionate about the field and about advancing knowledge for learners. The environment is supportive for students and residents. Everyone is incredibly patient-centered and the team dynamic on shifts is phenomenal. I left Minnesota for residency but always hoped that a job at Regions would be in my future. I’m so thankful to have been welcomed by the EM greats that work here and to have found mentorship to build my future career.
Educating our residents on pediatric emergencies is so important, and you have done a phenomenal job of improving our monthly pediatric conference days. Can you share with us your goals for those high yield days?
Thank you! I’m grateful for everyone’s continued participation and for Dr. Bruen’s great adult resus template that we borrow from. Goals
are straightforward: 1) Share cases with each other to expand volume
of pediatric cases discussed during residency; 2) Create a safe space where PEM-trained physicians and EM physicians can interact and discuss various approaches to care depending on setting (rural ER,
Level I Trauma ER, tertiary pediatric hospital); 3) Emphasize the unique needs of pediatric patients (Ouch-free ED, family interactions, ethical considerations, etc); 4) Maintain a professional, fun, interdisciplinary environment to improve pediatric care in the all-comer ED. For the kids!
Anything else you would like to share with us about life, your job, etc.?
Winter is hands-down the best season and I’m so happy to be in Minnesota again. Currently, between shifts you can find me drinking tea, reading a good book, lazily cross-country skiing (for real, I go slowwwww), making yummy dinners with my sister and her family, playing nerdy board games with my husband, or bundling up my two little kids to make snow unicorns. I love working in a place that supports my career goals as well as my life outside of the hospital.

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