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18 | Emergency Medicine Residency 2022 Annual Report Fellowships
Physician Assistant Program
In 2022, the emergency medicine physician assistant program achieved the milestone of graduating it’s tenth class and a total of 25 graduates. The program title was changed to The Regions Hospital/HealthPartners Institute Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellowship to align with our institutional naming practice and the majority of postgraduate PA and APC programs nationally. The program continues to partner with the emergency medicine residency, Regions and Lakeview emergency departments, Regions Hospital specialty services and St Paul Children’s
Emergency Department to provide knowledge and experience, and to promote excellence in the care given
by our PA trainees. This year’s class pursued additional experience in critical care with novel experiences in the MICU.
Class of 2022: Danielle Lyons is working at Regions with
a dual position in the ED and the MICU. Lily Ganz took a position at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.
Joe Montgomery is working for MultiCare Health in the Seattle, Washington area with former EM residency graduates.
  Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Regions Hospital EMS has offered a one-year EMS fellowship since 2010, allowing graduates to sit for the board certification exam in EMS offered by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Kari Haley (’16) is the current fellowship director. The Regions EMS fellowship attracts physicians from across the country. Our fellows completed EM residencies in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Minnesota. Our fellowship includes an extensive scene response element with response vehicle availability to
the fellow as well as a variety of prehospital opportunities including event medicine, access to tactical and rescue
Medical Toxicology (Med/Tox)
The Regions Hospital Clinical Toxicology Service and
Medical Toxicology Fellowship is a joint venture between HealthPartners/Regions and the Minnesota Poison Control System. We continue to strive to provide education to fellows, residents and students. These learners are why we do what
we do, and we look forward to continued work with them.
experience and an optional helicopter EMS component.
We work closely with the EM residency and offer teaching opportunities to both residents and paramedics. Our fellow functions as an integral part of our medical direction team and has the opportunity to work with multiple EMS agencies.
In 2022 we welcomed Dr. Haley Taormina from the University of Wisconsin-Madison residency as our most recent EMS fellow. Graduates of our fellowship have all gone on to serve in leadership roles both locally and nationally.
This year the fellowship graduated Dr. Nathan Kunzler
(July 2022) and Dr. Erin Batdorff (Jan 2023), and welcomed Drs. Brian Gooley and Arthur Jurao. In the fall we matched two new fellows for the next incoming class; they will be the 26th and 27th fellows.
  Medical Quality Management & Patient Safety
The fellowship curriculum includes topics in medical quality management and patient safety from an integrated delivery system perspective. The curriculum is flexible based on career
Our ultrasound fellowship was started in 2016 and two
fellows have completed the fellowship. Incorporating scanning, teaching, research and administration, this experience
is focused on providing a good foundation for academic
or community ultrasound program oversight. Fellowship Director, Michael Zwank, MD, also co-chairs
goals. If you would like more information or have interest in applying to the fellowship, please contact Dr. Ryan Bourdon, fellowship director, at
the Regions Hospital Point-of-Care Ultrasound Committee which is a multi-department committee that oversees point-of-care ultrasound throughout the hospital. Our ED has a collaborative working relationship with radiology and cardiology, and our fellow learns in the ED as well as in the echo lab and radiology suite.

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