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                 Staying mission-focused
Conservation, education, and advocacy activities have been central to the mission of the Saint Paul Audubon Society since its beginning, and these focus areas were reinforced by the membership in the Society’s 2019 strategic planning process. Today, even though some activities are on hold, we continue to find opportunities to be involved where we can, and are taking advantage of
the pause to plan and prepare for full engagement when we can.
International migratory bird project
Migration is a uniquely important element in the lives of birds. A major new initiative is the Society’s sponsorship of a bird banding station at Runaway Creek Reserve in Belize. This project is sponsored by the Institute of Bird Populations and the University of Belize. Studying “our” migratory birds while they are in Central America will give us a more complete picture of their needs throughout their life cycles. Visit for more information.
Landscape Revival
Now in its 10th year, this native plant expo and market, planned and hosted by the Landscape Revival organization, got its start through funding and volunteers from our Society, thanks to the efforts of Colleen Swedberg. It has expanded to two events a year, each featuring 6-8 growers of native plants and exhibitors that teach people how to grow the plants and create bird-and- bee-friendly environments. These popular events have attracted nearly 2000 people a year and involve many volunteers and months of planning. On hiatus this year, it will return as soon as possible.
Kestrel Nest Box Project
The spring of 2020 marked the 9th year of the American Kestrel nest box project, initiated by the St. Paul Audubon Conservation Committee in response to the alarming decline of kestrels in Minnesota. This year there were more successful nestings (4) and more fledged young (16) than in any year thus far. Saint Paul Audubon provides financial and volunteer support for this valuable program, which is managed by Julian Sellers.
Urban Bird Collective
This group was founded by Conservation Committee co-chair Monica Bryand in 2018 to support birders of different skill levels, communities and backgrounds lead walks in their own Twin Cities neighborhoods and beyond. The communities include Indigenous People, People of Color, immigrants, LGBT communities and more. They are working to create safe and welcoming spaces for everyone to get out and explore birding and the outdoors. We hope to work more closely and collaboratively with this group in the future.
Christmas Bird Count
From December 14 through January 5 each year, tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the Americas, including many birders organized by the Saint Paul Audubon Society since 1978, take part in this community science program that began in 1900. Scientists and others use the data collected by observers to study the long- term health and status of bird populations across North America. The highest number of species reported by the Society was 64 in 2018, with 75 participants that year.

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