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  Lions Gift of Sight Open for Virtual Viewing
More than two years ago, when the pandemic changed our lives, Lions Gift of Sight transitioned many staff to a work-from-home model. The remaining staff members who physically reported to work receded behind masks and social distancing. And, sadly, we closed our doors to visitors: Lions members, volunteers, corneal recipients, donor family members. As a result of these necessary actions, we lost some of the connec- tion with our community, our partners, and our champions.
To rekindle the romance (so to speak), we have developed a virtual tour of Lions Gift of Sight, recounting the work we do in the field of sight restoration. Whether our friends are unable to visit us because of COVID, distance, or time constraints, they can now take a virtual tour entirely at their convenience.
This tour is by no means representative of everything we do here at Lions Gift of Sight. (Such a tour would be a 12-part miniseries!) However, you will be introduced to some key teams at the eye bank: donor coordination; eye tissue recovery; tissue evaluation and processing; tissue distribution; and research. You will also learn a bit more about our 60+ year partners, Minnesota Lions club members. We enjoyed putting the video together, and we hope you enjoy watching it.
Access the Lions Gift of Sight Virtual Tour from our website at the link

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