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  “My philosophy has always been that whatever you do — do it BIG. ”
— Lion Brian Sheehan International First Vice President
Minnesota Lion Makes Good
In July, Minnesota will be recognized for an achievement last realized 100 years ago. One of our very own Lions club members will assume the mantle of Lions Clubs International President: Lion Brian Sheehan.
  Those who are unfamiliar with Lions might not appreciate the magnitude
of this accomplishment. International presidents hail from all over the globe, and recent leaders were from India, Iceland, Japan, Australia, and the Republic of Korea. The only previous Minnesotan representing the service organization in this capacity was Ewan W. Cameron from Minneapolis back in 1921. And at that time, the organization was “international” only by virtue of a handful of Canadian clubs, and there were roughly but 7,000 members.
Not so today! 1.4 million members. 48,000 clubs. 200 countries or geographic areas. Five global causes. Lion Brian from Bird Island, Minnesota, (population around 1,000) is shouldering a tremendous amount of responsibility. Fortunately, no one is more capable than this 30-year Lions member.
Brian is tremendously respected in
his community. He is the founder and CEO of Rural Computer Consultants,
a software development company. He
is active in numerous professional and community organizations. He has served as president of Bird Island Civic and Commerce, as director of the Learning Funhouse, and as a member of various school committees. He has received the 2011 U.S. SBA Minnesota Small Business Person of the Year Award.
Brian has been recognized many times over by the Lions organization. He is
a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow and Second Century Ambassador and has been named Club Lion of the Year. He has received the Al Jensen Leadership Award, the Founders Membership Growth Award, numerous International President’s Certificates of Appreciation, and the International President’s
Leadership Award. Brian has also been given the Ambassador of Good Will Award, the highest honor the association bestows. This well- decorated and feted individual, however, still humbly introduces himself as “Lion Brian” and never forgets his small town roots and values.
We are in good hands and are excited to welcome Brian as our International President on July 1.
 Lions Clubs
International Foundation
The fundraising arm of Lions In- ternational is its foundation. Estab- lished in 1968, Lions Clubs Interna- tional Foundation empowers Lions clubs, volunteers, and partners to improve health and well-being, strengthen communities, and sup- port those in need through human- itarian aid.
Donations can support the focus areas of LCI: Vision, Hunger, Diabe- tes, Youth, Environment, and Child- hood Cancer. Donations can also go to Disaster Relief. And you can feel good knowing that 100% of financial gifts is allocated to grants and pro- grams, since all administrative and fundraising expenses are covered by investment income!
More information can be found at:
 LIONS GIFT OF SIGHT (LGS) is a community-based non-profit eye bank. Founded in 1960, it is the oldest donation organization in Minnesota. LGS serves the needs of donors and recipients in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and North Dakota, as well as Galveston, Texas, 24 hours-a- day, 365 days-a-year. LGS distributes corneas for transplant and eyes and corneas for research and medical education.
With a stringent eye bank quality assurance program that audits all aspects of operations, LGS upholds the highest tissue quality standards. LGS is accredited by the Eye Bank Association of America, inspected by the Food and Drug Administration, and follows OSHA and University of Minnesota Office of the Vice President for Research guidelines. LGS is a proud part of the Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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