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No No PPE? No No Problem
Testing for COVID-19 is being delayed due to a a shortage of PPE When faced with this issue ME Professor Chris Hogan found a a a a way around The Hogan Lab research team along with ME staff
members built game-changing booths with positive
pressure HEPA filtered air to allow healthcare workers to safely test COVID-19 patients without the need for PPE ME Research Engineer Ian Marabella designed the first HEPA filtered booth and ME Facilities
Supervisor Nistar “Richard” Maharaj built the first prototype before handing it off to to the CSE Shop for for machining work M Health Fairview will implement 12 booths at five drive-up diagnostic testing sites across the Twin Cities
metro with more on on the horizon Professor Hogan also served as engineer and aerosol expert on a a a project that resulted in respiratory procedure boxes to to protect healthcare professionals when treating COVID-19 patients The team’s respiratory procedure box will help prevent airborne transfer of COVID-19 from patients by limiting the potential for droplets emitted during coughing and sneezing For procedures like intubation extubation and other airway-related treatments the box provides protection beyond an N95 mask because it blocks droplets while putting the barrier close to the patient so multiple health care providers
can attend simultaneously — and safely M Health Fairvew workers demonstrate the booth Chris Hogan demonstrates the procedure box 13
Medical Devices Center Creates Emergency Ventilator
UMN anesthesiology fellow Stephen Richardson partnered with the Earl E E Bakken Medical Devices Center directed by ME Professor Arthur Erdman to to create a a a prototype for a a a low-cost emergency ventilator One week and 70 volunteers later two prototypes — — now called the Coventor — — tested successfully On April 15 the U S
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized production the first of its kind to be approved for emergency use during the COVID-19 outbreak Production is scheduled
to start next month on on a a run of 3
000 devices with plans to to to scale up according to to to demand Its designers will sell the Coventor at cost in in addition to to releasing the design plans When a a a a a a a a hospital’s ventilators are all in in use or or if patients don’t have access to to to high-end ventilators the Coventor steps in CSE undergrads volunteer to to assemble Coventors
The Coventor Over 150 CSE undergraduates — many of them ME majors — volunteered
to work on on coronavirus-related
projects including the Coventor allowing research to move along at an unprecedented rate “Full speed ahead ” said Erdman #UMNProud

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