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Starting Strong: Early Career Highlight
ONLINE LEARNING with Sungyon Lee
Sungyon Lee
is is an an an assistant professor of of mechanical engineering In spring 2020 she she was teaching ME3332: Fluid Mechanics We asked her how she she made the transition to an an online learning environment Here’s what she said I I broke lecture segments down into shorter sections to to give students flexibility I I also implemented weekly quizzes based on video material — these are short and uncomplicated but keep students accountable and up to date I hold live Zoom office hours hours during normal lecture hours hours and went from three midterms to two plus more quizzes I I probably overcommunicate but I I would rather look silly than have two students unable to complete something My document camera works like a a a a a whiteboard so so I can solve problems and respond to questions in real time We have had Canvas the U’s online platform all this time but we we weren’t using it to its fullest capacity Screenshot of online instruction in in in ME3332 14 ME News Summer 2020 JULIANNA ABEL
Assistant Professor Julianna Abel was awarded an an an an NSF CAREER grant to support her research project “Design and Processing of Multifunctional Shape Memory Alloy Microfiber Yarns and Textiles with Tailorable Mechanical Performance ”
Assistant Professor Tim Kowalewski received the McKnight Presidential Fellow Award These three-year fellowships are given to most promising faculty members who have been granted tenure and promotion to associate professor I wanted to adjust the course in a a a way that
honors the way it was but accommodates the new reality Without face-to-face interaction I don’t know how they’re doing or if they they understand so I set up surveys and chat functions I still tell jokes but no one laughs Maybe nothing
has changed!

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