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STAYING CONNECTED TO ME Au Revoir Steven Girshick
Kenneth T Whitby Professor Steven Girshick
retired at the the the end end of of of the the the spring 2020 semester bringing his 35-year career at the the the the University of of of Minnesota to to an an end end His work on on nanosynthesized plasma particles became a a a a a a a a a a a a cornerstone of of the the department’s research Girshick’s students remember him as a a a a a a a talented teacher
and and thoughtful and and patient mentor not only in in in in the field of mechanical engineering but in in in in life his fellow faculty members remember him as a a a a a a a a a a a a a great colleague collaborator and and perhaps most impressively friend They were struck by his his his his tireless work to to to improve the the department and and his his his his profession through his his his his commitment to to excellent classroom instruction his his his his groundbreaking theoretical and and and and and experimental research on on on on on particle formation and and and and and behavior in in in plasma systems and and and and and his service and and and and and leadership on on on on many departmental university and and and and and professional committees And adds former colleague Peter McMurry “he is is an an an an an an an an eloquent speaker and and an an an outstanding writer ”
As a a a a a a a a a professor he he had it it it all In retirement Girshick
will will be moving to to to Berkeley CA to to to spend more time with his his grandchildren He will will will continue to to to to pursue his his hobbies: tennis cycling and and and art — and and and we suspect some engineering will will sneak in in in in in there from time time to to time time Hello Alumni!
Ann Sheldon (BME 1988) knew her strengths lay
in in in in statics dynamics and fluids — that’s why she picked mechanical engineering Since her time at at at ME she completed the the Minnesota Executive Program from the the the Carlson School of Business before climbing the the ranks at Medtronic to her current position: Vice President of Product Security ME didn’t just teach Sheldon the fundamentals of engineering: she also learned “problem solving team work and investigative skills ”
said Sheldon “This has given me the the ability to take on on on on on on various roles in in in in my career with the the confidence that
I could succeed ”
Sheldon cites study groups as being one of her her first lessons in in in camaraderie and and and “how people with similar goals can lift each other up up ”
She She also enjoyed the the the hands-on labs offered at ME and and and still has the the the UMN emblem she cast in her office Sheldon stays connected to to to the the the the U through the the the the Alumni Association because she feels it’s important to to to to to give back to to to to to students as they begin their careers “My education taught me to to to to work hard never stop learning and stay relevant ”
said Sheldon “I am a a a a a a a a lifelong learner ”
What advice does Sheldon have for for students considering mechanical engineering? “Go for for it! ME will offer a a a a a a a a a variety o of career options to satisfy your desires ”

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