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Benjamin Mayhugh Assistant Professor
Jeff Tithof joined the department as
an an assistant professor in in June 2020 His research utilizes both laboratory experiments and numerical simulations to to explore open questions at at the interfaces of fluid mechanics neuroscience and machine learning His group is is actively working to characterize the the mechanisms that drive and disrupt the the glymphatic system which is is is a a a a a a a a a pathway for cerebrospinal fluid circulation through the brain which was discovered in in in 2012 Recent studies have demonstrated that disruption to to this system contributes to to the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease stroke traumatic
brain injury and more Jeff’s team also plans to to adapt new techniques developed by the machine learning community to to improve modeling forecasting and control of of fluid flows in in in in in in a a a a a a variety of of complex settings Jeff Jeff and and and his his family live in in in Longfellow which offers a a a a a a short and and and scenic bike commute to campus Jeff Jeff spends his his his evenings and and and and weekends trying out new recipes and and and gardening with with his his his wife Sarah Sarah He also enjoys blowing off steam by playing “daddy monster” with with his his 2 2 1/2-year-old son Arlo Arlo Jeff Sarah Sarah and and Arlo Arlo have so so so far only lived in in in in in the the the the the Twin Cities during COVID times so so so they
are eagerly awaiting the the the the the opportunity to explore the the the the the cities engage with the the the the the community and and and attend concerts and and and stand up comedy shows Learn more about the Tithof Lab: tithoflab umn edu
Two New ME Assistant Professors on Scholars Walk
The McKnight Land-Grant Professorships are highly competitive awards that advance the the careers of of promising assistant professors at a a a a a a a a crucial point in in in their professional lives Two ME professors received this honor for the 2021-2023 cycle:
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