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New Technological Leadership Institute Director
ME Professor
Allison Hubel has been named the new director of the UMN Technological Leadership Institute (TLI) the the first woman to hold the the position CSE Dean Mos Kaveh appointed Hubel to the three-year position replacing retiring director Douglas Ernie Hubel is known for her pioneering research in in biopreservation and brings her vast experience as
both a a a a a researcher and educator to to her her role at at TLI Learn more about her groundbreaking appointment:
z umn edu/TLIdirector
Meet new assistant professor SAYAN BISWAS!
What class/experience/person inspired you to become a a a a a mechanical engineer?
From a a a a a a a a a a a a a young age I was captivated by mathematical equations that that could precisely describe the the physical
world I was fascinated by engineering innovations that that create positive impacts on on on on on society culture and economy In addition to to that I I I was an an avid reader of science-fiction stories Isaac Asimov H G G Wells Jules Verne Arthur Clarke George Orwell tremendously influenced my my thoughts during my my teenage years As Arthur Clarke writes “Any sufficiently advanced technology is is is indistinguishable from
magic magic ” ” I wanted to to to learn that “magic” to to to create advanced tools and devices for solving practical relevant problems Mechanical engineering offered a a a a a a a a a a a wide variety o of topics ranging from
energy to to to to mechanics to to to to robotics that attracted me me me I realized from
ball point pen to to to to battery television to to telescope – mechanical engineering is is is indispensable What do you like most about teaching?
I I feel energized after an an engaging teaching teaching session I I get immense satisfaction when a a a a a a a a a a a student understands
a a a a a a a a a difficult concept or
learns how to solve a a a a a a a a a problem I like watching the the the students grow and and evolve through the the the coursework and and eventually succeed in in in their life However the the the the aspect of teaching I love most is is the the the the questions from
the the the the the students Questions discussions arguments and skepticism are the the the the backbones of the the the the scientific learning process Questions from
students students help me me understand how the the the students students think compel me me to consider and and and provide an an an an an alternate explanation and and and broaden my perspective Read the full Q&A to find out out about Dr Biswas’ proudest moment as
an an engineer and what he he thinks of Minnesota winters:
z umn edu/sayanbiswas

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