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Alumnae Networking Event Recap
More than 80 alums and students attended our inaugural event! Participants enjoyed
a a a a presentation on on the history of women at at UMN ME
from student group She is is ME
a a a a panel from local alumnae working in in in in industry and the opportunity to join breakout rooms organized by graduation decade Attendees also shared their memories of ME
UMN Memories:
• Gopher hockey beating NDSU
• Going to to Dinkytown for lab lunches in in in summer 2019
• Sitting in in in in the the the Student Union building listening to the the the piano by the the the fire
• Bringing my daughter to class on on occasion
• ASME Robot Competition in 2012
• Being told “this lab hasn’t been broken in in in 25 years” and then being the the one to to break it • Creating a a a a robot robot for the ME2011 robot robot show that malfunctioned frequently
• When Professor Goldstein finally broke down and gave me lab space to start the Solar Vehicle Project — you know how coveted lab space is!!!
• I designed and built an an outhouse-looking shack on the the roof for the the solar lab—it was
the most “over designed” shack ever!! I worked for Dr Kuehn • Living in in the wood shop shop metal shop shop and Anderson Labs
What What got you you into ME? What What kept you you there?
• 50% a a a a genuine interest in in in in learning about how the world around me works 25% love of math and science 25% spite
• I I used to be an ornithologist then I I got put in charge of the the radio telemetry system repair and realized I liked that way better • ME
2011 • Human-centered design understanding how the the body works in in a a a a a a mathematical
• Challenge satisfaction of completion community
• Problem solving and improving the world • The ME
— hanging in in the ASME/SME rooms to study and chat!
Favorite professor?
Panelists (clockwise from left):
Barb Balinski — BME ‘86 Tennant Co Kathleen Stenersen — BME ‘91 MSME ‘93 Rachel Anderson — BME ‘19 MSME ‘20 Wei Liu — PhD ‘03
Below: ME
Alumnae meet over Zoom for our inaugural networking event • • • • • • • • • • • • • 16
Jennifer Holte Ephraim Sparrow Julianna Abel Todd Hesla Thomas Kuehn Warren Ibele
Lorraine Francis Chris Hogan
Cari Dutcher Max Donath Suhas Patankar Patrick Alford Katharine Hunter
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