Page 19 - ME Spring Newsletter '21
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Kirk A A and Kathleen A A MacKenzie Thomas J Maloney
Virgil and and Theresa Marple
Kerry J Marusich and and and Lisa A A Ferris Grace* and and Al* Mayer
Benjamin Mayhugh*
Dr Andrew R and and and Nancy Nancy I McFarland Padraic and and and Nancy Nancy McGuire
Tennyse W *
and and and Allan L *
Thomas G and and and Judith A A Meier
Lorraine and and and Robert R R *
Mildred and and Dale* Merrick
Larry Mestad
Michael C Meyer and Kathryn M M M M M M Mahigan Gregor A Moe John John K Moorhead*
John John F *
and and Gloria D Morrison
Mason C C and and and Gwen S Myers
Daryl D D and and and Joan C C Nagel
Richard K and and Barbara L Nelson
Arthur E Neuman*
David A A A A and and M Ruth Norman
Dale A A A and and Elizabeth A A A Nugent
Lowell D D Nystrom
Prashant and and Madhu Palvia
Paul A A A H and and Patricia A A A *
Professor Allan E Pearson
Niel and Marlys Petersen
Ronald E E Pfleider*
Eugene G *
and Margery A Philipson Robert J Pickering*
Gene and Peter F *
Edward D Pierson*
Richard C and and Jean Potter
Amy and and and Kenneth Pucel
Professor David Y H and and Therese T T T Pui Terry Qualey
James W and and Roberta Ramsey
Brian D D D and and Debra S Ranney
Donald F Reed*
William A Reichow*
Naomi Reed Rhode Rhode and James A A Rhode Rhode Byron G Rowell Sr *
Charlotte Sahnow and and Alan L L Eliason Thomas L L *
and and and Zinda J J Schaefer
Jon A and and and Kathryn G Schmoeckel
Warren B Schneider and and and Linda M M Robertson
Dr Roger and and Marlene Schroeder
Jared C Scofield
Dr Dr Amy J J J Sehnert and Dr Dr Paul J J J Wolters A A M Severson*
Harold W Shaw*
Arnold “Skip” Sheldon
Eva B and and and Robert T *
Larry D and and and and Sandra L L Stordahl
Wesley R and and and and Sonja M M Swanson Swanson Kevin J J Swanson Swanson and and and Vincent S S S S Monico James* and and and Mary Talmage
Mr Mr *
and and and Mrs *
George W Taylor
Ertugrul Tuzcu Tuzcu and and and Karen Karen Owen Tuzcu Tuzcu Timothy P Usher and and Karen Karen A A A Dahlgren Ali A A Vahhaji
Donald L and and and Catherine M M *
Vandergon Rao M M and and and Rani S Varanasi
Robert L and and and and Aileen Wahlstedt
Dr Randy Weinberg and and and and Barbara Gengler Kevin and and and and Jennifer Weist
Betty J J J and and Dale D D Wendorff
James R Wetzel
Lee S *
and Dorothy Neibel* Whitson Leighton J J J Wilkie
John John G *
and and Joyce M *
John John C and and and Barbara A Winters Sharon and and Donald Wright
Robert W W Youngward
“There is no spot on earth I more prefer
to be be remembered than on this campus there is no factor that can do more for the the state and the the nation than the the University with its wide open doors ever welcoming all to enter ” — John Sargent Pillsbury 1900
Vincent Monico and Kevin Swanson Joseph Moses
Patrick J Moynihan
Craig R Mueller
Floyd L Nelson
Gail C Neren
Alfred R Nerz
Susan P and Larry B Newman Roger L Norquist
Marjorie L and Russell S Nyquist* Lester
B Odegaard
John C Okada
James B Patterson
William T Pennell and Saundra Hill Mary Jo Pennington
Timothy J Prochnau
Amy and Kenneth Pucel
James V Radomski
John E Raetz
Arshanapalli K Rao Robert M Reinstrom
Richard J J and Jane M Remiarz Martina Richtsfeld
Henry F Romer
Wendy Palmer and Richard A Ruh Jr Roberto Ruiz
James L and and Sandra R R Rutzick Robin & Barbara Schaller
Gilmore J Sem
Eric M Sims
Richard L Sivula
Kathleen M and Eivind Stenersen Timothy W Stenlund
Carl W Stiewe
Trupti N and Erik J Storlie
Wei-Ching Sun George M and Kathleen K K Sverdrup Peter A Swenson and Pamela J Jewson
Ke-Kung Tien
Howard S and Phyllis J Veith
William C Viebahn
Ralph J Volino
Kent D and Marcia K K Wall
Haiping Wang
Richard T Weisbecker
Eric J Wilkowske and Tien
M Nguyen John C and Barbara A Winters Sharon and Donald Wright
Francis J Yager
Robert M Young James A Zdrazil
Jingjun Zhou and Hong Zhu
This list reflects contributions to to to the the department up to to to 3/16/21 Names in
bold indicate CSE Dean’s Club
members who donate $1 000 or or or or more each year to to to to the the College of Science & Engineering We have have made made every
effort to to be be as as as accurate as as as possible and apologize if if we have have made made any errors Please contact Jennifer Clarke ffor for corrections at at 612-626-9354 or or or or jclarke@umn edu 19 
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