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Mechanical engineering alumni who who are President’s Club members join a a a a a a a a a a long tradition of of giving that started in in in in in in in 1889 with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a single gift of of $150 000 from John Sargent Pillsbury who who was
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a businessman University regent state senator and and governor Through the the decades the the generosity of of of of of President’s Club members has built scores of of of of of buildings provided thousands of of of of of students with scholarships endowed hundreds of of of of of of faculty chairs and and and professorships and and and launched innumerable research projects The President’s Club recognizes University-wide cumulative giving of of of $100 000 including estate gifts gifts and pledges for gifts gifts to be made within five years Dr Ronald J J J J and and Jane Jane E E Adrian Kenneth J J J J and and and Janet E E * Albrecht Craig A A A A and and Mary F Alshouse Grace E Anderson Anderson Marvin D Anderson*
James R R * * * * and Margaret E * * * * Argall Roman Arnoldy*
Jay T Axness
Bryan J J Beaulieu
Rita and and Mark Benassi
Jodi K Billy and and and William William G Van Dyke* Joanne L and and and William William N Blatt*
Robert A A A and and and Patricia A A A Bleckinger Marjorie A A A and and Paul G * Boening
Donna R R Born
Robert Robert M M M Bossman
Mr Mr * * and and Mrs Robert Robert G Bredeson
John K K and and and Nancy M M M * * Broback
Kurt and and and Polly Brungardt
Daniel J J J and and Julie M Bulver
Ralph D D Burgess Jr Keith R R and and Amber K K Butcher
James and and and Erma Cabak
Jon and and Lynn Caldwell
Dr Ta Shen Chen
Dean B B * * and Shirley J * * Chenoweth George B B Chesley
Martin D Chorzempa
Ronald and and Janet Christenson
Mark S Citsay and and and Dr Connie L Osbeck Richard W * and and and Jean Illsley Clarke
Doug and and and Lorrie Collison
Michael Connly and and and Nancy Wagner Harold* and and Phyllis* Conrad
William Coons
Donald H * and and and Sandra L Craighead Thomas Crane and and and Roxann Kay
Frederic Crosby*
Mary S and and Forest W * * * * Crowley Jr Eleanor* and and and Ezra B B * * * * Curry
John B B * * * and and and Mary Jean Custer
Teresa Daly Konat Konat and and Gregory Konat Konat Keith E Danielson*
Dr Dr Thomas D D D D Dressel
Michael B B Eckhardt and Mary P Blowers Dr Roger Eichhorn*
Thomas R R Engels
Mr Byron W Engen
Vern and and Betty Eriksen
Jack and and Sally Evert
David E E Feinberg
Dr Dr Leroy and and Ruth Fingerson
Dr Dr David and and and Beverly Fleming
Roger and and and Janet Flink
Kenneth and and Adele Floren
Harry J Foehringer
Charles and Iris Post Fried
Scott A Fruin
Bernard W and and Norma B B B Gaffron
Gershon “Gus”* and and and Betty Gendler
Richard and and and Cathy Giertsen
Noreen L and and and Dennis E Gilberts
Richard J and and and Barbara F * Goldstein Ken W and and and Suanne B B Hallberg
Victor L and and and Judith A A Hanks
Drs Henry A A and and and Barbara E Hanson
Dr Dr Debra K and and and Mark R R Harless
Roger* and and and Mary Haxby
Joachim* and and and Yuko Heberlein
John and and and Victoria Helgeson
James E Heppelmann and and and Mary Mary R Hable Warren and and and Mary* Ibele
Mona Inman and and and Dan Wetterlin
Irling J J and and Elizabeth C Itzen
Frank A A Janezich
Alfred F F Johnson*
Bev and and Jerry* Johnson Johnson Johnson Diane and and and Conrad
W Johnson Johnson Johnson Lee* and and and Nan Johnson Johnson Johnson Lee Lee W and and and Betty Johnson Johnson Orville Orville D and and and Kathleen M M Johnson Johnson Johnson Orville Orville M M * and and and Verna Johnson Johnson Johnson Sharon A A and and and Fredrik A A Johnson Johnson Dr Richard* and and Freda M * * Jordan
David J J Jungkunz
Mark and and Colleen Kahnke
Teri and and and John Kast
William and and and Dawn Keenan
Martin N and and Esther M M Kellogg
Prakash R Keshaviah
Jay and and Iris Kiedrowski
Keith and and Helen Kim
Thomas E Koehler
Virginia A and John H * Kopischke
Richard Kruger
Carl A and and Janet E Kuhrmeyer
Drs Venetia Laganis and and Vassilios Morellas Millard H LaJoy*
Robert Robert M M Lander*
Robert Robert E E * * * and and Elaine S S * * * Larson
Thomas S Larson
Eino K * * and and Jean W Latvala
E E E Bruce* and and and Judith P Lee Lee Houghton and and Edwin H H Lee Lee Lawrence F Leistiko
Thomas and Diane Lentz
Gordon C Lewis
Bob and and Karen Libke
Benjamin Y H H and and and Helen C C * Liu Charles and and Maryanne Lo Lo Dana R Lonn
Gale H Lyle
Michael P and Lucy L L L L L Lynch
Max Lyon 17 *Deceased

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