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Next Whitby Professor:
The ME Department is pleased to announce that Lian Shen (left) has been named the
next Whitby Professor Professor Professor The Whitby Whitby Professorship is is provided through a a a a a a a a a generous gift from ME alumnus Benjamin Mayhugh and is is named in in honor of of of of of Professor Professor Professor Kenneth T T Whitby (below right) a a a a a a a a a highly regarded past member of of of our faculty Shen is well known for developing numerical solutions to solve fluid mechanics problems problems associated with the
interaction between turbulent air and water flow His research addresses problems problems of of of societal importance including: the
inception of of of of of o waves tidal flow patterns transport of of of of of o pollutants in in in in in in air and and water atmospheric ocean exchange of of of of o of greenhouse gases design of of of of o of offshore wind turbines and and wave energy conversion He is is also director of of o of Saint Anthony Falls Lab (SAFL) where he
supervises research education and and outreach
activities for a a a a a a a a a diverse team of faculty and and staff The late Professor Whitby’s experimental skills remarkable physical intuition and knack with instrument design played a a a a a a a a a a a a a key role in in in in in in making the
study of of the
behavior of of particles in in in in gases (aerosols) into a a a a a a a a science 3

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