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2020/2021 ME Graduate Fellowships
Graduate fellowships make it possible for promising students to complete their studies at the U with financial support These fellowships make our department a a a a a a competitive option for for prospective students and set our graduates up for for success Harold and Phyllis Conrad Mechanical Engineering Fellowship Harold Conrad: BME ‘41
Nathan Davies
BA Physics and Math Macalester College
Scott Fruin Fellowship Scott Fruin: BME ‘84 MS ‘85
Shu Yang
BE Energy Xi’an Jiaotong University Richard and Frieda Jordan Fellowship Richard Jordan: BME ‘31 MS ‘33 PhD ‘40
Daehyun Kim
BME University of Minnesota Benjamin Y
H H and Helen Cheng Liu Fellowship Benjamin Y
H Liu: PhD ‘60 former faculty
Gaonan Zhao
BE Energy Xi’an Jiaotong University Charles and Maryanne Lo Fellowship Charles Lo: BME ‘70 MS ‘72
Matthew Gallagher
BS-ME University of Wisconsin
Dana Lonn Fellowship Dana Lonn: BME ‘73 MS ‘74
Beatrice Gulner
BA Physics St Olaf University Andrew and and Nancy McFarland Endowed Fellowship Andrew McFarland: BME ‘57 MS ‘60 PhD ‘67
Troy Louwagie
BS-ME University of St Thomas
Make the Difference in in Competing for Top Talent
Our program intensely competes
for the best and brightest graduate students from around the world Many of the students we are competing
for have multiple offers from other
top tier institutions An important tool in in in attracting elite talent is making competitive financial offers at the time a a a a graduate student is admitted to our program We are able to do this thanks to to generous benefactors that support graduate fellowships Using a a a a a mix of funding from graduate fellowships research assistantships assistantships and teaching assistantships assistantships we are able to guarantee incoming PhD students that their first year of studies will be fully supported The fellowships are especially important as they allow incoming students: 1) the the time to to to dive into challenging coursework and 2) the independence to to to explore multiple research research options before committing to a a a a specific research research project that best aligns with their interests As a a a a a a department we greatly appreciate the the support of our alumni and friends that have made donations to make these fellowships possible enabling our department to continue as a a a a a a leader in in in in cutting edge research — JIM VAN DE VEN Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
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