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ME has a a a a a a a a a a wonderful tradition of of of financial generosity that helps ensure the the the the next generation of of of of mechanical engineers make the the the the most of of of of their undergraduate years at at at the the the the the University of of of Minnesota Your generosity isn’t just theoretical it’s applied every day to deserving students and their families Hear from a a a a a a a a a a a few recipients about how how undergraduate scholarships have impacted their lives — and how how they hope to do the the the same someday The Harrison Benjamin Scholarship (‘56) greatly eased the burden of college tuition for me me and my my family With my my summer internship being affected by COVID I I was worried that earning money to help pay for my tuition would be an issue this year But thanks to your extremely generous support I can worry less about the financial burden of going to college and focus more on exploring my passion for mechanical engineering — Stephen Grinnip ‘21
I would like to thank the Henry & Barbara Hanson (‘66) family The support of my education by people who don’t know me me gives me me a a renewed drive to succeed Being in in in in in in marching band and and minoring in in in in in in Spanish means that I have stayed very busy during college This scholarship helps reduce the amount of loans I have to take out so so I can start my my career off strong Thank you so so much for investing in in in my my education! I I hope that I I would make you proud — Kallie Maas ‘21
I thank Jay Axness (‘08) for for promoting my education and helping a a a a a foreign student like like like me me profesionally Support like like like this motivates people like like like me me to pursue their dreams and and lessens the the financial burden on me and and my parents It also motivates me to continue my my work and improves my my self-confidence If I I get a a a chance to to meet Mr Axness I I would greet him with a a a photo of goddess Saraswati: the goddess of knowledge — Praveen Prakash ‘21
Getting the Mechanical Engineering Faculty Scholarship means a a a a a a lot to me me I would like to thank you for believing in in my ambition drive and overall journey This scholarship will greatly help not only me but my parents who immigrated here with only a a a high school diploma in hopes of a a a better future for me Your support means a a a lot and brings me me one step closer to being the first in in in my family to graduate college with an an engineering degree — Diane Nguyen ‘22
Words can’t describe how appreciative I am of your support The Robert & Elaine Larson Scholarship (‘40) is a a a a a a a contribution to my education dreams and goals ME has proven a a a a a a a a challenging yet exciting career path and having this support means the the world to me me me This helped me me me understand the the importance of philanthropy I hope to to someday be able to to pay your generosity forward by contributing to other
students in in need! — Mitchell O’Brien ‘21

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