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Maddy Wagner — ‘22
Albert Swanson Memorial Scholarship Recipient
My proudest moment as as an ME undergrad was
creating my piano-playing robot in in in the ME2011: Intro to to Engineering course On the the way to to the the show I accidentially broke off a a a a crucial piece while walking with it it through a a snowstorm My design had been prepared far in advance and was
calibrated appropriately Because I had a a a a a a a a robust code and design I was
able to glue it back on quickly and recalibrate Everything worked perfectly and no one was
the wiser!
I’ve been involved with the student group She is ME for the the last three years I was
the the historian in 2019 and have been co-president since January
2020 This group inspired me me to choose mechanical
engineering as a a a a a a major I have planned many
events that were both professional and research-
focused but I am most proud of the community we have built to support each other through an academically rigorous program I look forward to inspiring the next generation of engineers and as a a a a a a step in in in in that direction I have been tutoring middle schoolers on a a a weekly basis Because of of scholarships I was
able to take advantage of of the vast opportunities available at at the University of Minnesota This included participating in in in in in in an Engineering Exchange in in Spain with with ICAI Universidad Poentifica Comillas I’ll graduate with with a a a a a a a a BSME in May of 2022 and will hopefully get my MSME next Zachary Arco — ‘21
Kevin Swanson Scholarship Recipient
I’m a a a a a a a nontraditional student with a a a a a a a wife and baby at home so finances are always on on the front of my mind The Kevin Swanson Scholarship has been an an enormous blessing I graduate at at the the end of the the fall 2021 semester and was
recently selected to be a a a candidate for the Connexus Energy Board of of Directors election in April I am one of of the youngest candidates ever to make the ballot If you you get Connexus Energy consider voting for me!
My proudest moment as as an ME undergrad was
rebounding in my physiology technical elective class Because I work at Medtronic through the co-op program a a a physiology class seemed like the perfect complement to my career path in in in the medical device industry This class is is taught in in in a a a a a different different department so it was
different different from my my other ME classes I got an F on my my first test but I went on to get an A- in the class overall 6 ME News Spring 2021 

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