Page 4 - Regions Annual Report 2022
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Residency Timeline
’93 Bob Knopp, MD, was hired to start the EM residency. Ready to return to Minnesota, Dr. Knopp left the residency he directed
in Fresno for 17 years to work on the development of the Regions Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency.
Lori Barrett is selected for coordinator. Lori had previously worked as the department head admin and EM office supervisor.
        Residency receives a
’95 3-year provisional accreditation by the ’96
ACGME-RRC for Emergency Medicine and recruitment begins for the first class of eight residents. Approximately
200 applications were reviewed and
126 interviews were conducted.
Residency receives full 3-year ACGME accreditation and graduates its first class. Of that first class of eight residents, seven continue to work and live in Minnesota.
’00 Felix Ankel, MD, is named program director. Dr. Ankel, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Medical School,
completed his residency
at the University of Illinois- Chicago and joined the
faculty at St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center in 1994.
Residency receives a continued 5-year full ACGME accreditation.
 First class of 8 residents starts. The Class of 1999 included students from Creighton University, University of Colorado, Mayo Medical School, University of Minnesota, and University of North Dakota.
Pat Anderson joins the program as a program assistant.
Residency receives a
5-year full ACGME accreditation.
                    Jessie Nelson, MD (’04), is selected for an
Educational Fellowship and becomes the first faculty member for clinical simulation.
      Medical Toxicology Fellowship is launched by Carson Harris, MD and Kristin Engebretsen,
PharmD. EM grad,
Matt Morgan, MD (’05), is selected as the first fellow.
         EMS Fellowship starts, under the direction of
RJ Frascone, MD, with selection of EM grad, Aaron Burnett, MD (’10), as the first fellow.
Quality & Patient Safety Fellowship begins, under the direction of Drew Zinkel, MD; EM grad, Kara Kim, MD (’11), is its first fellow.
Toxicology Fellowship expands to two fellows/year.

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