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Ephraim Sparrow (1928-2019)
Professor Ephraim Sparrow enjoyed a a a a a a a a long and prolific career in in which he he he made a a a a a a a a a a a name for himself in in the fields of of heat transfer and fluid mechanics The amount of of research he he he he produced and influenced during his his nearly 60-year career is is is truly staggering He made his his mark on mechanical engineering and at the University of Minnesota where he he he is is deeply missed Sparrow joined the the the University of of Minnesota in in in in 1959 and spent the the the the remainder of of his his career there Prior to his his arrival at at the the the the the U Sparrow received a a a a a a a a a a a B S S degree from MIT at at at the the the age of 19 then completed an an M M A A A and and Ph D at at at at Harvard before working on on heat transfer at at Raytheon and and NASA At the U Sparrow worked with hundreds hundreds of students on industry-inspired problems and and served as as a a a a a a a a a a a a mentor to to to hundreds hundreds more He received numerous awards including the the the Max Jakob Award in in in in in in 1976 and and was elected to to to the the the National Academy of of of Engineering in in in in in in in in 1986 At the the the the the time of of of his death he he he he he he had over 40 000 citations and was the the the longest-serving faculty member in in in in in in in the the the Department of of of Mechanical Engineering Sparrow is is is is survived by his wife and daughter as as as well as as as the the the distinguished academic legacy he he he he he he left behind as as as “the father of modern heat transfer ”
Memorial Lectures
16 ME News Summer 2020
The Department of Mechanical Engineering will host two upcoming memorial lectures:
Ephraim Sparrow Subbiah Ramalingam Memorial Memorial Lecture Lecture Memorial Memorial Lecture Lecture Details forthcoming 

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